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The protagonists get further deep into the mess that has resulted from Daneen and Areesh’s desperate move. The entire episode explored the aftermath of the stunt these two have pulled and how everyone else involved is taking it. Up until now no problem has been resolved. This episode revealed something about Altamash as well , which Ghazanfar is trying to hold over him in order to force him into marrying Nashwa. However, Altamash doesn’t seem to be getting affected by any of it.

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Some progression was seen in terms of Izza’s feelings for Altamash. After the restaurant scene, the two did not cross path during the entire episode. It was rather selfish of her to tease Altamash by using Kabir . Altamash, while remaining calm and composed ,does come to Izza’s rescue when Kabir lashes out on her. We missed Izza and Altamash’s interaction in this episode as they conversations are always fun to watch.

Anya surprisingly is still siding with Areesh despite him cheating on her and that too so openly. It is either out of love or the fear of not being accepted after her secret got out. Either way she wishes to remain his wife and is in fact supporting him to get Daneen out of the country safely.

Areesh and Daneen though are together but they cannot ignore Anya who is Areesh’s wife and a frequent topic of discussion between them. It will be interesting to see if she becomes the reason that these two cannot make it work. Anya has been a victim of unfortunate circumstances and did not deserve what she got. Her response to this incident is also very surprising. Daneen may back out because of her, or may be they are successful in leaving Pakistan. The coming episodes will be interesting to watch.

Anya and Altamash’s bond is very sweet and it has been portrayed by Usman Mukhtar and Areeba Shahood in a lovely way. The focus of the episode was also on them. Last night’s episode’s best scene was undoubtedly the one between these two when Anya attempts to tease Altamash about Izza. The conversation was entertaining to watch and as always Altamash doesn’t admit it.

Once again the episode maintained a good pace and involved all characters in a balanced way. Every character’s story is being taken forward simultaneously instead of focusing on just few characters. All the actors are giving strong performances, however Areeba Shahood stood out as Anya. She has been given a very positive character and she is carrying that character with grace. The episodes have been beautifully directed whether it is with the backdrop of the mountains or apartments building and city landscape, the setting and locations make the episode visually stunning.

What are your thoughts on this episode?

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