Last night’s episode was eventful and landed a bomb that has shaken Shamsher Nagar to the core.

This episode had Izza and Altamash have a civil friendly conversation unlike usual, and it was certainly refreshing. Their chemistry is really sweet and Altamash’s liking for Izza is very transparent yet she doesn’t seem to realize it.

Anaa Ep 19 : Izza & Altamash Keep Anaa Crisp

Nazia has stooped extremely low in her attempts to get revenge from Ghazanfar and family. Izza is extremely disappointed with this change in her mother and her actions. She unlike her mother is very particular about respect and morals which is why her mother’s behavior is hitting her hard. She is extremely embarrassed and cannot face Altamash either. Izza and Altamash both are shown to have a moral compass and do not let any kind of bias come in the way.

Not only has she publicized Nashwa’s picture that she gets from Daneen’s phone, she also exposes Anya’s past to Areesh. The big reveal hits Areesh very hard who is disappointed at the fact that Anya did not trust him enough to confide in him. It is rather sad that a conflict has emerged between the two only when they had just become close. Anya is the unfortunate victim in all this conspiracy. After some digging, Ghazanfar’s mother figures out who is behind this attack and eventually so does Ghazanfar.

Daneen’s situation remained the same and her in-laws continue to treat her poorly for telling the truth. Nazia also makes sure Areesh is apprised of the situation. While Nazia’s hatred is justified her methods to downgrade her rivals is completely wrong. Her actions will have a ripple effect that can be problematic.

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Up until now while the pacing of the drama has been good, however none of the matters and issues have been resolved as yet. With 20 episodes in we hope to see the drama’s narrative move towards some resolve now.


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