Last night’s episode made progression in the story. Daneen’s situation remains unresolved, she is stuck in a rut. Saif is being harsh with Daneen to teach her a lesson. On the other hand, Altamash and Izza seem to be making progress. Altamash finally decides to make the investment helping Izza with her job. Moreover they have a good talk after which Altmash assures her to support her in Daneen’s case.

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Izza and Altamash share a great chemistry and we hope things work out in their favor. Areesh and Anya are also becoming close and it is heartening to see them happy as Anya was caught in the cross fire for no reason. Their budding romance and chemistry is sweet. At the same time we do feel sad for Daneen as she is the only one at loss in this entire situation.

Things between Altamash and Nashwa have taken an interesting turn as well, which will further complicate things. Izza’s mother is up to something and we are not sure what is going on in her mind. For sake of her own agenda she even goes to see Daneen who is in very bad shape, and still holding on to the hope that Areesh will come through for her. Hania’s performance as a broken Daneen is at par.

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The best scene of the entire episode was when Altamash walks out on Izza after she gets late for their meeting and Izza takes out her aggression on his chair. All the while Altamash is watching her on his camera feed. Izza later realizes that there is a camera and the poor thing is so embarrassed. That scene was so hilarious and adorable at the same time.

Izza and Altamash’s interaction are particularly entertaining and not always very predictable. Naimal and Usman play their roles effortlessly and we enjoy seeing this duo in the drama the most. We look forward to seeing what new incident will happen when they meet again. Over all not much happened in the episode however the director Shahzad Kashmiri has been able to maintain a good flow of the episodes and we look forward to seeing what will happen next.


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