Last night’s episode dipped Daneen even further in her troubles. Not only this, the hope of Izza and Altamash uniting is diminishing as well. Both are now supporting a cause contradicting each other.

Even though Altamash has no desire to marry Nashwa he has still said yes for it. This is something that is unclear, it seems he is doing it to spite Izza. Although him getting engaged was bothering Izza, it now seems that both will grow further apart.

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Naimal Khawar & Usman Mukhtar in Anaa

While Altamash continues to protect his sister, who is the undeserving victim in all this mess, Izza is taking a stand for Daneen who has been wronged and resultantly taken the wrong route.

The way things have shaped up for her, one feels pity for her. She has to face the brunt of her actions as well as other, and it seems rather unfair. Whereas Areesh,despite losing Daneen, has found love in form of Anya as well.

Shahzad Sheikh & Areeba Shahood in Anaa

The good thing about Anaa is the flow of the narrative. While the underlining conflict remains the same, it is how the conflict is progressing and the events happening that keep us engaged in the story. Naimal Khawar as Izza shined in this episode. She has done justice to her character as a head strong girl who isn’t afraid of the world.

Naimal Khawar & Hania Amir in Anaa

The way she took a stand for Daneen showed just how important she is for the narrative. She has never been one to shy away from conflict and in the current circumstances she is offended and angry at the people who have wronged Daneen.

Matters seem nowhere near getting sorted, and Daneen is in the worst condition than the rest of the characters. We do hope the upcoming episode are fair to her as she deserves better. Every character has their own traits that make them special and enjoyable. Neither of the love stories have been sorted and the way the drama is progressing, it seems very hard for Altamash and Izza to unite either. Izza didn’t have a good opinion of Altamash and their most recent face off has further worsened their chances.

Naimal Khawar & Usman Mukhtar in Anaa

While the drama has not dragged much, it would be nice to introduce some progression in terms of betterment of the situation before this story line becomes monotonous. Also the drama needs to maintain balance in terms of the fate of its characters as right now it is only burdening one character with the deeds of multiple people. A change in pace can prove to be fruitful.

How did you like the most recent episode of Anaa?

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