Anaa is a good paced drama that has been subtle and engrossing. We see the new generation in a perpetual conflict with their elders and their strict family traditions. The elders of SherGhar have been holding on to their traditions and ‘Anaa’ i.e pride very dearly which has adversely affected their younger generation.

Areesh is now in a relationship with Ania, while he is still in love with Daneen. The character is obviously unable to do justice to his new wife which conveys the repercussions of a forced marriage. On the other hand, Daneen is also in a shallow relationship with her husband, Saif. Although Daneen has dictated Areesh to treat Ania kindly, however their relationship has been doomed from the very beginning as the two lovers continue to meet in secrecy and express their feelings for each other.

Ep 14: Usman Mukhtar & Naimal Khawar make a lovable pair in Anaa

However, we fail to understand why the two continue to meet and what purpose will this serve. Their characters seem confused and come across as childish. While Areesh still wishes to marry Daneen, they do not know how and if this will be done.

Other than this mishap, Ghazanfar is adamant about marrying his daughter to Altamash forcefully in order to keep his word. Despite Altamash’s obvious disinterest, Ghazanfar still wants the marriage to happen no matter what it takes.

Likewise, Nazia wants to keep her pride by marrying Izza to Altamash. The whole drama bases on the suffering such old traditions and particularly pride tends to wreck in children’s life. The drama has been meaningful and it is packed with good performances and direction.

Izza still maintains the same argumentative nature and she has been constantly judging Altamash’s character and to some extent their story arc has become repetitive. We would like to see some development in their relationship. Overall Naimal Khawar and Usman Mukhtar have great chemistry and even better acting skills with which they have moulded their characters to be so memorable.

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi Concludes: A Performance to be remembered by Imran Ashraf & others!

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