The Palwama Incident has provoked a response from Indian celebrities who are expressing their hurt. In addition Indian actor Ajay Devgn announced that he will not be releasing his film, Total Dhamaal in Pakistan.

Following this, the producer of Luka Chuppi i.e. Dinesh Vijan claimed that he is terminating the contract of his next three projects i.e. Luka Chuppi, Arjun Patiala and Made In China in Pakistan. He claimed he wont be releasing any of these films in Pakistan. Comically, the producer who claimed that he wont release his future projects, never even had a contract for Luka Chuppi alone.

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Apparently, the film maker is trying to pull off a publicity stunt in a bid to gain sympathies for his so called nationalist act! The producer seems to be banking upon his seemingly nationalist stance to further the business of his upcoming films such as Arjun Patiala and Made In China.

In a normal scenario, and not a “believe me for I am nationalist” one, what happens is that big films with a star studded cast get contracts about a week or two before their release. However Dinesh Vijan has claimed that he had a contract for his films months before release!

EPK contacted all distributors who release Bollywood films here in Pakistan and it turned out that the producer had no contract for his three films in Pakistan!

Given how sensitive the situation is, it is truly a shameful act by the makers of Luka Chuppi! We openly challenge them to show us the signed contracts of all three films! Otherwise the makers should issue a public apology and retrieve their statement.


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