King Khan stands tall. The superstar has been hugely criticized for his consecutive flops at the box office in India. In addition, his latest outing Zero performed poorly in Pakistan too. However, it is also true that the actor has seen utmost love and respect throughout his journey. The actor has a colossal fan following rooting for him.

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Shahrukh Khan poured his heart out as reported in an leading Indian Publication. He said “I have succeeded with things that I never knew would succeed. I also feel that if you really are the king, you should have the choice to make your own choices. A king without choices is not a king at all.”

Shahrukh Khan made a bold choice choosing the script of Zero. The actor challenged himself to play a dwarf in Zero. He has been praised for his daring move.

Shahrukh Khan further added, “I am only exercising my choice to do what I like to do. I believe that if I am king, and don’t take chances I will remain one just for namesake.”

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Zero was an ambitious project that had massive amount of money invested into it. Shahrukh Khan is generally a lavish producer who is accustomed of spending well on his films.

“I believe every film I do is like my daughter. People spend lavishly on their daughter’s wedding, so why can’t I spend on my film? Let whatever I am doing for my daughter, be nice, and inshallah, the money will follow,” he adds.



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He also elaborated how he tends to seek perfection by allowing everyone their creative freedom during production.

 “I believe you can’t curb a writer with a limit on the number of pages he or she is allowed to write. As a producer, if I would like to do as much as possible, there is no one really to stop us from making key decisions even though the company tells me, many times, that I am over-doing things.”

Spoken like a King, Shahrukh Khan does not seem bothered by his recent flop. The actor has moved on quickly from Zero’s fiasco and is ready to experiment more.

Shahrukh Khan will be seen next in his upcoming film based on Rakesh Sharma. Tentatively titled Saare Jahan Se Accha, the film will hit the floors in February at Mumbai’s Film City.

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