Versatile actress Amar Khan has impressed us with her roles in dramas like Belapur Ki Dayan and Ghughi and now the actress is currently working on some new projects. We caught up with her to find out more about her upcoming mini series on Hum TV opposite Muneeb Butt.

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“I am doing a mini series for Hum TV called Choti Choti Batein. It will be on air from Sunday and will go on for a month. The cast includes big names like Rubina Ashraf, Khalid Anam, Mahmood Aslam, Lubna Aslam, Muneeb Butt. It has been directed by Angeline Malik”

Amar was all praises for her director,

“It was a pleasure working with her. Angeline is known to bring characters that are meaty. She portrays woman of substance very meticulously on screen. Same goes for HUM TV as they showcase encouraging stories for the viewers”

Talking about her character she said,

“It is a very interesting character.It is called Zeena who is very studious, very nerdy yet very competent. I love challenging roles so it was interesting to play Zeena who is nervous,who is not so tuned as per the standards of the society. She believes in breaking stereotypes by being her self.”

We asked her how her experience was working with Muneeb as this is the first time the duo are sharing screen,

“I had a lot of fun working with him. He is very supportive co-star. We shared a great chemistry and bonding on sets.”  

She also shared the main idea behind this mini series

“The crux of the mini series is that those characters who do not have an impressive outward appearance, it portrays them in a way that,it highlights their inner qualities and credentials. The basic motive of this mini series is to give a message that don’t get carried away by just the looks,just glitz and glamour. Who you are on the inside, what is your belief system,at the end of the day that is what make you stronger. “

The mini series is titled Roop and it starts tonight on HUM TV.

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