Climate change is happening and it is becoming imperative that more awareness about it is spread. Which is why Climate Action Pakistan arranged a climate march on 20 September 2019. Many came out for the cause including many celebrities as well in Karachi.These included celebrities like Ali Rehman Khan,Usman Mukhtar and Anoushey Ashraf to name a few.

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Many took it to their Instagram to share their thoughts on climate change and what can be done for it, while some appreciated the initiative on the whole. Check out their posts below!

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This cause is important to us. Each one of us has a chance to impact the future of the world starting from our own nation. Take a moment to think about it. Have you ever felt powerless? Things keep happening in front of you and you’re just sitting their like a keyboard warrior and can’t make an actual impact. Well this is it. This is your time to leave your own legacy and stand up every day with millions of people around the world who are revolting against the atrocities done to our climate. Our generations will suffer if we do not spring into action. Join the revolt. Let’s unite and fight for our climate and our future. #climatechange #climatestrike #climatestrikepk #climatestrikepakistan #usmanmukhtar

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For more on the march you can check out Climate Action Pakistan’s social media handles!


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