The auspicious occasion of Eid is one of the most busy days at the cinemas. Every year sees the release of many films clustering on Eid in hopes of benefiting from the money spinning holiday. As our cinema revives, the influx of local films seem to be improving.

Wrong No 2 Trailer: Fun & Chaotic!

This Eid will see the release of two local films, Yasir Nawaz’s Wrong No 2 and Wahajat Rauf’s Chhalawa. Both the films are romantic comedies with all the commercial elements to attract the audiences. Chhalawa stars the stunning film star Mehwish Hayat alongside the debutant Azfar Rehman. The promos of the film appear fun and gripping. On the other hand, Wrong No 2 comes from the successful franchise of Wrong No. This installment stars the talented Sami Khan and the gorgeous Neelam Muneer.

Meet The Arresting Characters of Chhalawa

This Eid, cinemas will be throbbing with activity as three new Hollywood films will also be releasing. Disney’s live action adaptation of the classic tale of Aladdin is anticipated to rake in competitive footfalls. In addition the other Hollywood release Godzilla manages to do really well in the smaller cities too. Both the films will be giving the local releases a tough competition while the third release Secret life of Pets 2 is a children’s film.

Although Secret Life of pets has an ardent following in North America, the film might not be able to do wonders in Pakistan. Nevertheless, there is a lot of diversity this Eid to choose from! With three Hollywood films and 2 local films, audiences will have various flavors to taste this Eid.

Will Eid Releases be able to improve their poor buzz?

In addition, the trailer of the highly anticipated Fawad Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi starrer The Legend of Maula Jatt will also release this Eid. Although the eagerly awaited film was previously scheduled for release on this Eid ul Fitr, however the film will only be gracing us with its trailer now. Although The Legend of Maula Jatt’s absence has been a setback for cinemas this Eid, nevertheless with a decent flow of films this Eid, people are in for an exciting Eid!

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