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Alita: Battle Angel is a sci-fi action thriller produced by James Cameron. The film is about a cyborg which is discovered from a scarp yard by a kind Dr who then nurses her back to health. The film opens in Iron City, and we are introduced to a whole new world. The film is very well directed by Rodriguez who is prominently known for his work in Sin City. The visuals of the film are top notch and the CGI manages to engulf us.

James Cameron first developed the idea of Alita about 15 years ago but he later chose to produce Avatar as he felt he needed to wait for the right technology to come along for Alita. Alita is an ambitious project and a lot of hard work has been put into its look. The hard work has paid off, as it is makes use of the finest technology and delivers stunning visuals. However, these visuals are nothing we have not seen before. In fact we have seen such visuals in the transformers series and also video games.

The film also has a weak script which comes as a suprise because the film has been written by James Cameron himself. The supporting characters are hugely underdeveloped and we do not connect with them emotionally. Alita’s romance with Hugo comes across as sloppy and unconvincing. The rest of the characters are not given their moments to shine either. They have been merely used as props to enhance Alita’s tale.

This is a major flaw as the film stars some really fine artists. Starring in the film is Jennifer Connelly as Chiren who won an Oscar in 2001 for a beautiful mind. The film also stars Christoph Waltz as Dr Ido who is a two times Oscar winner whereas Mahershala Ali who plays the role of Vector has won an Oscar for Moonlight. He has also been nominated this year for Green Book. So the film had so much talent which was largely ignored.

Rosa Salazar has done a fine job as Alita and her expressive portrayal of Alita was perhaps the only saving grace of the film. While the fight sequences were engrossing however for a 200 million dollar budgeted film, there wasn’t even a single major fight sequence. The film is likely not to gross as much as was spent on it and if I were to rate it, I’d give it a 1.5 out of a 5. Mainly because the film could have given me a stronger emotional result, especially because the film comes from James Cameron himself!

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