Written by: Umera Ahmed

Directed by: Haseeb Hassan

Produced by: Epic Entertainment

What a beautiful way to end such a thoughtful drama! No doubt about it, Alif’s ending did not disappoint in the least and was not out of place with the way the drama’s themes and structure had been constructed. I think we’re all so used to cut-and-dry happy endings where the hero gets the heroine even though that isn’t based in real life at all. Alif’s ending, on the other hand, was the kind that promised a good future despite the fact that Momin and Momina do not get to be together. However, it also does not eliminate the possibility of the couple uniting in future. Overall, if you have seen the last episode, it has probably left a mark on you!

Let’s begin with the ingenuity of Umera Ahmed’s writing throughout the drama and how neatly she wrapped everything up with this last episode. It seemed so well-planned since the mystery of Husn e Jahan was also finally cleared up, and the truth was revealed at the very end. This was accompanied by Qalb e Momin also realizing his entire life had solely been due to his mother, and this leads him to grow as a person. Honestly, it was surprising to see Qalb e Momin’s character grow so much compared to the way he had been in the first few episodes! Just goes to show how much a good script can make or break a drama. While overall, there were certain moments in the drama that I felt needed more clarity at the moment and certain continuity issues with the jumps in the timeline, most of the script was perfect and really stayed true to the source material.

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With this ending episode, we are so sad to see one of our favorite talented cast go. Sajal Aly has proven herself to be an adept actress who can fit any role like a chameleon, and Momina could not have been this perfect without the actress’ own personal touch.

Likewise, Hamza Ali Abbasi made Qalb e Momin so much more deep and impactful by the way the actor perceived the character on his own. Kubra Khan and Ahsan Khan both did beautifully in every single episode and showed a crumbling marriage so well that it moved the audience to tears. And Manzar Sehbai, Saleem Mairaj, Hina Ashfaq, Lubna Aslam and the numerous other supporting cast were all equally crucial in making Alif as entertaining and impactful as it has been!

I am looking forward to seeing more projects from Haseeb Hassan, because the direction and cinematography of each moment of Alif was breathtaking! There was so much thought put into it, like each background scene and tone of the scene reflecting the mood of the characters themselves, and how the camerawork provided more depth and space for the actors to individually express themselves…Haseeb Hassan has really proven himself with this and we hope to see more projects like this from him in the future! Alif started out as a curious drama that piqued our interest and now at the end we are sad that it ended so soon. However, we wish all the cast and crew that participated the best of luck for future endeavors and hope to see them elsewhere!

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What were your thoughts on the last episode of Alif?

Umaima Munir is a film and theatre nerd who is extremely passionate about well-written scripts. Her love for television stems from days of watching old PTV dramas such as Andhera Ujala.


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