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Alif is a journey that takes the viewer beyond the realms of men and into the realms of spirituality. The 2nd episode of Alif, directed by Haseeb Hassan, aired on Geo TV last night. This well-directed, well-written episode of Alif had us glued to our seats, not even letting us look away for a second. It was a picture-perfect episode, laden with a plethora of emotions ranging from the dreams and wishes of a young boy to the helplessness of a girl looking to help her family.

The episode begins with a heart-wrenching scene between Momina (Sajal Aly) and Faisal (Osmaan Khalid Butt). We had already begun to form a soft spot for her in the first episode, where she comes across as a girl who puts the needs of her family above her needs. As the scene unfolds, we could literally feel the tears rolling down our cheeks as we realized the true level of selflessness this girl possessed.

Pehlaaj Hassan (young Momin) shines in his scenes, and the depth of his character effected all of us who were watching. Even at such a tender age, he was aware of the emotional pain his mother was in. The way he innocently writes to Allah expressing his wishes strikes a chord with all of us sinners, who are lost in this materialistic world.

The pain inside Momina (Sajal Aly), which she can’t even express in front of her family, comes out in front of a calligrapher Master Jee (Saife Hassan) who seems to be her teacher, but we are waiting on more clarity regarding this character. The dialogues in this scene are so full of emotions, especially the part of Shikwa of Momina when she says “Sb Allah k hain, bs Momina Allah ki nahi hai”, and they moved us to tears.  Sajal Aly is definitely going to win our hearts with this wonderful depiction of her character.

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Hamza Ali Abbasi (Qalb e Momin) played the role of the arrogant, pompous director pretty amazingly in the last episode and he left us wanting more in this episode. He has embraced this character completely and the acting seemed to flow naturally and flawlessly. There is a pain in his eyes and heart which he covers up by his arrogant ways, but we do see a hint of vulnerability in his character behind all the façade.

Sadaf Kanwal as Qalb e Momin’s fiancée did justice to her avatar, and the hint of foul play concerning her feelings for Momin has definitely got us hooked. Manzar Sehbai (Momin’s grandfather) makes an amazing comeback with this serial and we were impressed by the acting skills of the veteran actor.

Every character was written perfectly, as can be expected from Umera Ahmed. From the narcissistic, male lead Momin to the hard-working, strong-willed Momina, all the elements of an Umera Ahmed novel are present. The dialogues had the soulful quality associated with the stories of Umera Ahmed. Haseeb Hassan brings the story to life with all great acting, perfect scene co-ordination and amazing cinematography.

All the scenes were shot to perfection and transported us to a whole other world. The scenes picturing Momin and Husn-e-Jehaan (Kubra Khan) were soulful and had an artistic quality to it. Director Haseeb Hassan has worked painstakingly hard, and shows in all the aspects of the episode, from the pacing of the episode to the picturesque locations. The entire episode seemed like a picture treat. The camera work was flawless & the sets were brilliant. The Director of Photography Asad Mumtaz Malik has done a brilliant job and need to be specifically mentioned here for doing good work which is not very common on the small screen.

The journey of a person from Ishq e Majazi to Ishq e Haqiqi is the theme of this serial. The episode leaves us with many unanswered questions. Will Momina sell her honor for her family’s needs? What’s the story of Momin’s father? We certainly look forward to the next episode to figure this, and a lot more, out!


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