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Alif,the drama that had us waiting for a very long time,finally aired and it surely was worth the wait!

Hamza Ali Abbasi and Sajal Aly starrer explores the interplay between worldly needs and desire vs spirituality. This theme is writer Umera Ahmed’s forte and consequently Alif follows her signature style. We knew we are in for a thought provoking narrative and Alif surely has captured our attention from the first episode.

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The first episode took off on an adorable note with young Qalb e Momin and the woman they now remember as Husne Jahan. The opening sequence was sweet and different. It felt like we have sat down to listen to a story and the narrator will be using visual aid to make us stay put till the end. We had high hopes from Haseeb Hasan with this one, and we have to say we are pleasantly “satisfied”! The scale of production, the way he has delivered the first episode, and the detailing in every scene makes the drama a visual treat as well.

Kubra Khan looked absolutely “haseen” as Husne Jahan,and makes us think that the casting director did get that one right for sure! We have yet to find out more but there is something very lovable about Husn e Jahan that makes us want to see more of her story. The first episode has established that the protagonists are connected through her. How that revelation unfolds upon them, is what the audiences will enjoy seeing in upcoming episodes.

Sajal Aly is someone who leaves a mark in whatever role she does.Suffice for us to say, we expected nothing short of excellence from her depiction of Momina Sultan and she surely delivered! Momina Sultan is the character many can relate to and there is nothing out of the box in terms of her characterization so far. Sajal has given a very relatable character a wonderful touch and enabled us to connect with her from day one!

Hamza Ali Abbasi plays the egoist director, who is again a “been there seen that” character. Hamza seemed well in sync with his avatar as the actor has played the part effortlessly. The first episode portrayed the present day Momin at a superficial level. We feel we will get to see more shades of his character and the reason behind his personality, beliefs and mannerism as the drama progresses. Sadaf Kanwal and Yashma Gill also did justice to their roles in their limited presence. Young Pehlaaj was also adorable in his scenes.

The past and the present went parallel in the first episode and it was entertaining to watch. The episode teased us by mention of Husne Jahan by Momina’s father (played by Salim Miraj). We are left curious to know what happened in his past. While the portrayal of two different timelines was harmonious, there were some editing issues as some scenes ended abruptly. But overall the episode maintained a wonderful pace. The makers have incorporated narration for the characters’ thoughts which is nothing new but was surely an engaging touch to the episode.

At first glance, Alif seems to be one of those dramas that plays around familiar themes but has that creative touch,(contributed by the director, writer and immensely talented ensemble, and facilitated by the producers), all of what makes it stand out.

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