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They say history repeats itself, and the 4th episode of Alif was that epiphany for Abdul Ala. The reality check he gets during his visit to Qalb-e-Momin, leads to Abdul Ala giving into years old sorrows deeply sealed in his heart, as he breaks down. The past is coming back to haunt Qalb-e-Momin as well. The latest episode of Alif was majorly focused on telling his side of the story. 

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Hamza Ali Abbasi and Manzar Sehbai both spoke with conviction in this episode. The belief they had behind every word being spoken, made the exchange between Qalb-e-Momin and Dada engaging, and one of the finest moments of the episode. Momin, set in his ideals, gets stirred up by Abdul Ala’s counter yet his ego gets the better of him, as it does with everyone else in his life.

What happened to Husn-e-Jahan is yet to be established. Right now she is shown to be lost without direction. Unhappy but chained, unable to break out of her miserable state. Some of the scenes of the episode seemed disjointed while some seemed to be playing on loop like Husn-e-Jahan’s dance moves. Other than that, the director has managed to maintain smooth transition between past and present. 

For those who have an eye for aesthetics, Alif has left no expense spared. The production design is such that one cannot help but notice the elaborate detailing used to determine the two different time lines. The styling, wardrobe, props and sets reflect the time period of the scenes well enough. For instance, the vintage car young Qalb-e-Momin steps out of as he reaches his mother’s bungalow, in contrast to present day modern interior of his house. The credit goes to the producers for having full faith in Haseeb Hasan’s vision with Alif and providing him a big canvas to work with. Moreover, the episode’s flow was smooth as well, and we got more engaged in Momin’s past than his present.

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We weren’t deprived of Momina Sultan completely in the episode either. Her journey has just begun and with every achievement that comes her way, Momina remains humble and focused. Sajal left a mark in her limited presence in this episode as well. The audition scene was truly impressive and really makes one see the amount of effort an actor has to put in, even for a few seconds frame.

The episode did not have any major developments but the events of the episode do not bore the audiences either. The way the events are unfolding there is symbolism to some extent. While Momin feels entitled of respect and fame, Momina never wishes for it. Both belong to the same industry and are at different stages of their journey, yet their aspirations are so different.

Umera Ahmed’s characters are truly worth connecting to. Every character in the drama depicts a different aspect and perspective of life. The narrative is giving a well rounded experience to the viewers. And this is what makes Alif beautiful ! The harmony and balance with which each character is involved in the episode, made the scenes relevant and not unnecessary fillers.

With the end of the fourth episode we look forward to seeing who comes out as the winner in their internal struggle? 

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