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The 3rd episode of Alif aired last night on Geo TV and we are still reeling from the amalgam of emotions we felt. Every scene, every dialogue, called out to a different part of our soul. Be it an act of questioning your identity, or questioning the bond that we have with Allah, this episode makes us reconsider our take on life.

Sajal Aly has played the role of the loving, sacrificial Momina in a great way. Be it the scene where she goes to apologize to Momin or the scene where she consoles her brother or even the one where she is thinking about her father’s relation with Hussn e Jahan, you can see a perfect balance. In the last episode, we felt a connection with the character of Momina as she said Sb Allah k hain, bs Momina hi Allah ki nahi hai. However, the difficulties of life and her circumstances drive the pious girl to say Mjhe shohrat aur paison ki zarurat hai, ezzat aub meri tarjeeh nahi rahi. Our hearts clench as Sajal Aly delivers these dialogues knowing how hard it must be for her to go from one extreme to another. With problems surrounding her completely, she does get a ray of hope at the end of the episode. Let’s see where the story goes from there.

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Appearances can be deceptive as to what is really going on inside a person’s mind. The all-famous, successful filmmaker Qalb e Momin is not as successful when it comes to fighting the demons inside his mind. Hamza Ali Abbasi is a seasoned actor, and it definitely shows in each of his scenes. He portrays every expression and delivers every dialogue with perfection. The way he smiles when he asks his grandfather about Neha, the way he pauses for a moment when his Dada asks him if he is happy, these subtle changes in expressions convey a far bigger message to the viewer.

The emotional difficulties which young Momin faces, from the loss of his father to the hospitalization of his mother and finally his move to Pakistan, can take a toll even on an adult let alone a young child. We are waiting anxiously to see how such a sweet, kind-hearted child who wrote letters to Allah turns into someone who says Aur main Momin nahi hun.

This episode was full of scenes that had us reaching for tissues. Especially the scenes starring Kubra Khan were very powerful. Her dialogues were so powerful and their delivery was point on as well. Be it the hospital scene where she says Dua tou maine bhi ki thi, meri tou puri nahi hui or the scene when she says to Sultan Pyaar karkay aye hun, had every eye that was watching brim with tears. Excellent acting!

This serial has powerful characters that are larger than life. Umera Ahmed really outshines herself with deep, soulful dialogues that make us question everything in and around us. The characters are brought to life under the amazing direction of Haseeb Hassan, who deserves applause for the flawless scene co-ordination & great cinematography. Not only were the sets brilliant, but the camera work was perfect as well. The archaic quality to the scene when Hussn e Jahan comes to her family home is definitely appreciated. Haseeb Hassan needs a special mention here for doing marvelous job with the scale of the serial. The way serial is shot, every scene looks larger than life and gives us a filmi vibe and we can understand that as Haseeb Hassan is one of the top notch film directors. His recent film Parwaz Hai Junoon was a huge hit. Also a special mention to the DOP Asad Mumtaz for bringing out such big visuals on television screens.

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The way Alif and Meray Pass Tum Ho are changing the game in television industry, they will be trend setter for other serials to follow and bring such larger than life visuals on the television screens.

The episode ends with Momin questioning whether he is truly happy or not. We can see the internal struggle he is going through depicted on the face of Hamza Ali Abbasi vividly. There are several questions that have been raised in this episode. What happens to Hussn e Jahan now that she is back in Pakistan? Will Momina be able to get money for her brother’s treatment? Will Momin realize the inappropriateness of his ways?


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