Written by: Umera Ahmed

Directed by: Haseeb Hassan

Produced by: Epic Entertainment

Everything had been building up to this particular conflict, and Umera Ahmed made sure this impactful episode was unforgettable! After weeks of building up tension as well as establishing the romantic feelings that existed between Momina and Qalb e Momin, the story finally brought the truth to light as Qalb e Momin discovers the truth about Sultan and his mother Husn e Jahan’s story. The establishment of the conflict was so well-done that this has to be my favorite episode of the entire drama so far!

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Hamza Ali Abbasi and Sajal Aly prove again and again why they were the perfect choice for these roles! No one could have given the roles as much power and soul as these two talented actors have. The episode belonged to Hamza Ali Abbasi honestly, who managed to provide so much depth and context to his character’s struggle with himself and his past.

Saleem Mairaj who played Sultan was also immensely powerful in his role and truly got to shine this episode as the truth came to light. Alongside him, Lubna Aslam who plays Surraya was especially poignant this episode when her illness becomes a tragic revelation for Qalb e Momin specially as the audience get to the hopelessness of the family when it comes to her. Overall, the cast has worked so well together and it seems unbelievable that we got so much talent in the same drama!

Regarding the script, the conflict was established pretty well this episode and Qalb e Momin’s transition from blaming others to self-blame was written really well as it wasn’t too sudden. However, the real reason for Husn e Jahan’s downfall and the entire debacle from the past still seems too shrouded and the way it was revealed didn’t clear much up.

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In some cases, the drama gets too lost in its dialogues and forgets the quintessential plot while doing so. However, despite this, the writing continues to impress the viewer and has really raised the bar for a lot of drama. Most importantly, the way the different tragedies of the characters are shown is impressive, like Surraya’s illness this week which had been something revealed a long while back but it truly hit a nerve this episode. The way these subtle things have such a huge impact is all due to Umera Ahmed’s excellent writing!

This week’s episode also featured scenes that took our breath away! Haseeb Hassan has poured his heart and soul into this drama which is evident from how perfect and detailed each shot is. The memory scenes in which Qalb e Momin misses Momina were absolutely breathtaking and the music accompanying it was perfect to each detail.

With this episode done, we come to a new part of Alif where we finally get to see some resolve and hopefully it will be as detailed and perfect as the rest of the drama has been. We can’t wait to see what happens next!

What were your thoughts on this week’s episode of Alif?

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