Written by: Umera Ahmed

Directed by: Haseeb Hassan

Produced by: Epic Entertainment

Gradually the pieces of the puzzle are getting put together for the audience by Umera Ahmed as this was yet another episode that gave some hints so the audience could finally understand the story more deeply. I love how every episode shifts the perspective from each character so while we might feel sympathy for one person in one episode, we feel the same way for a completely different character in another. It’s a good writing technique and shows how much the script has an impact on the drama. Husn e Jahan and Taha’s marriage which had been crumbling apart for the past few episodes finally reaches its natural and tragic conclusion. Sultan’s story arc is also finished and shows how he arrived at where he is today. The tragedy of the episode was definitely Husn e Jahan, who was left helpless against fate and destiny. Absolutely love the way the story is panning out so far and the numerous aspects accompanying it as well!

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Kubra Khan has certainly been the star of the show for me for a long time, and has been an underrated aspect of Alif. Her performance in this episode specially showed a side to the actress that demands to be taken seriously, and we’re glad that her talents are finally getting recognized as well as her potential! Ahsan Khan also took the spotlight for this episode, and the accomplished actor has given Taha’s role a certain depth and personality that would be irreplaceable. And let’s not forget Saleem Mairaj, and his stirring portrayal of Sultan! These three actors have definitely made the drama worth watching for me and have really provided the serious tone of the drama. While most of the drama has centered around Momina and Qalb e Momin, these three actors have breathed such life into their roles that it seems more of their story than anyone else’s!

Alif Is Much More Articulate & Stirring Than Majority Of The Dramas We See On Television!

Alif’s two biggest advantages lie in its excellent writing and unique style of direction. Starting with the former, this episode’s events show that we are getting closer to a conclusion but anything should be expected considering how a lot of things said in Alif don’t literally mean it! Umera Ahmed has certainly had some of the best scripts in drama history and Alif seems not different, with a lot of themes and underlying symbols that those with a sharp eye would appreciate. Combined with Haseeb Hassan’s sharp shots and beautiful hues underlying every scene, and Alif has become a treat to watch!

While its pacing is definitely slow and tedious, it’s understandable since the characters have to be fleshed out in their own appropriate time and gives them the depth needed. Apart from that, every aspect of Alif has been great to watch and observe and we await each episode of the drama restlessly!

What were your thoughts on this week’s episode of Alif?

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