Written by: Umera Ahmed

Directed by: Haseeb Hassan

Produced by: Epic Entertainment

Alif has yet to disappoint us in any department, and this episode was yet another perfect shot! The plot is all coming really nicely together and a lot of the questions are being answered. We see more of Taha and Husn-e-Jahan’s home life and the internal discontent of Taha that leads to him being so restless in his life. Also, Qalb e Momin’s character gets more background as he sees his parents experience financial and emotional troubles which he does not understand properly as a child. Meanwhile, Momina finally realizes her father’s role in Husn-e-Jahan’s life, but the secret reveal is yet to be discovered since the script is only half complete. In the end, Momina agrees to do the film but is still harsh with Qalb e Momin. Overall, the entire story is coming together very neatly and it seems that story-wise we are moving forward towards resolution.

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I have to say that this episode specially proved how well structured and planned the entire script is, from little things such as when the characters meet each other to bigger things like life-changing events being revealed. An example of this is the paintings of Abul Alla that Qalb e Momin attempts to sell and which Momina demands as payment for her role in the film; it was such a surprising twist at the end and also made a lot of sense considering Momina’s interest that had been established episodes ago.

Every action in the drama has subsequent consequences and no string is left dangling by Umera Ahmed, which can only be a huge positive considering that this very aspect is always such a gaping flaw in most dramas. I also like how each of the character gets such unique perspectives which is always interesting to follow, from Husn e Jahan’s conflicted emotions about keeping her family together to Taha’s internal strife and Qalb e Momin’s more childish concerns. Everything gets proper attention no matter how minute it is, and Umera Ahmed deserves full credit for penning such a masterful script with touching dialogue!

Ahsan Khan and Kubra Khan for me were the stars of this episode, as both actors did such a great job portraying the discontent of the family and played off each other’s strengths really well. Ahsan Khan as Taha seems like the perfect choice, as I cannot see any other actor playing the role this well and with such spirit! Sajal Aly was another highlight for me and her role is so unique in its own right that she takes the spotlight every time she comes on screen.

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Hamza Ali Abbasi has also proven himself a worthy star of the show as the character change is much more suitable to him and has made him more sympathetic to the audience. Every member of the cast is so good that there really isn’t a weak spot that brings the quality of the drama down, so kudos to the actors!

In terms of directing as well, Alif is flawless in its execution. Haseeb Hassan’s vision is truly captivating on screen and works well with the subject of the show. A lot of the shots are so visually pleasing to see that many times I found myself more focused on that than the story itself! It is important to have a director-driven project as it really provides the final project a more personal touch. Haseeb Hassan has shown that such a change in dramas is much needed! What were your thoughts on this week’s episode of Alif?

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