Written by: Umera Ahmed

Directed by: Haseeb Hassan

Produced by: Epic Entertainment

It sounds impossible to claim that every single episode of a drama is my favorite but with Alif it really isnt impossible at all: every episode is more profound than the last and somehow outdoes everything! It is safe to say at this point, Alif is bringing about a different way in the Pakistani drama industry, and we are all for it!

This episode continued the tragic story of Husn e Jahan and Taha, played by Kubra Khan and Ahsan Khan respectively both of whom look ethereal in their roles! Each episode has a deeper meaning and isn’t just meaningless entertainment which always leaves a deep impression upon the viewers. This time it was how surface-level judgments of individuals is rarely right and no matter how a person seems on the outside, their soul might be purer than yours. Both Momina and Qalb e Momin’s story also progresses in their individual way, but it seems both will be connecting to each other soon in the future.

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Before commending anyone, it is pertinent to applaud Umera Ahmed who has so effortlessly created such a soul-touching and beautiful story that genuinely feels like high-end literature! The writing, the dialogues, the characters, the events… it is so well balanced and carefully constructed for a drama script as usually the scripts are lazily written and depend entirely on actors’ star power.

But Umera Ahmed’s words resonate with anyone watching, and they touch the soul which is something that all writers should strive for. A lot of Pakistani writers have so much to offer through their writing and have the power to change the rut in which our creative industry is stuck in, yet they continue to regurgitate the same recycled, lazily written and devoid-of-meaning stories (which ironically also happens in Alif!). Hopefully, they will start taking the lead of Umera Ahmed and utilize their talent appropriately. 

Director Haseeb Hassan and the Dop Asad Mumtaz Malik are another aspect of Alif that makes it so enjoyable to watch, as they too adopted a totally different approach to directing and crafting this drama. The cinematography of each episode is reflective of the mood of each scene, and even small details such as the color palettes of certain scenes heighten the characters’ moods and situations perfectly.

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I love how every time Husn e Jahan is with Taha, the hues of the scene are usually softer and pastel whereas when they get separated and tragedy strikes the hues are darker and more aggressive. The director along with the director of production have instilled so much beautiful details and intricate things that even without the actors doing anything in a scene, there still is so much to look out for! They are all doing such a unique job here that I really think everyone should watch this drama solely for the sake of the beauty of such small details!

Kubra Khan as Husn e Jahan was once again absolutely beautiful in this episode and her expressions and body language are so in touch with her character’s entire personality. Ahsan Khan also does a wonderful job in portraying Taha, and Sajal Aly and Hamza Ali Abbasi in the more recent times show their individual struggles convincingly.

However, the stars of the show for me are Manzar Sehbai who plays Abdul Alla and Saleem Mairaj who plays Sultan. Both characters have so much depth and dimension and the way each actor shows their individual guilt and sorrow for the way they had acted in the past is beautiful to watch! Any scene with them is automatically unforgettable, and I’m so glad that the director and writer chose to give them more screen-time so we could see the talented actors work their craft.

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Everyone should definitely watch this drama at least once, whether for the deeper meaning of the story or just solely for the beautiful visuals. Each episode is better than the last and the story truly deserves to be heard by everyone. Do let us know what you thought in the comments!

Umaima Munir is a film and theatre nerd who is extremely passionate about well-written scripts. Her love for television stems from days of watching old PTV dramas such as Andhera Ujala.


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