Ali Zafar is easily one of the biggest stars of Pakistani film and entertainment industry. And when it comes to peace, nationalism and unity, megastar is always in the front line.

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This Pakistan’s Day star has gone a step ahead of others as rockstar has composed a track for Pakistan and it’s beautiful people. Superstar has decided to release this track on 22nd March at 6pm. Ali Zafar had announced this track on Twitter couple of days back.

Titled “Jaan De Deinge”, track is not only composed and sung by Ali Zafar rather lyrics are also penned by our very own Teefa. After this announcement by Ali Zafar one can’t wait for this track to come out tomorrow. Song will be launched via Youtube account of Lighingale Productions.

First teaser of the track is already out and it gives us some serious patriotism vibes and one can’t wait to see the full track coming out tomorrow.

Directed by Waleed Akram track also has surprise for the listeners as track will feature Ali Zafar’s brother Danyal Zafar on guitars.

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