Ali Zafar made his mark as a singer long before he emerged as a talented actor. The versatile singer has put his soulful vocals to good use in singing anthems for PSL. The anthems he sang for PSL have been met with much admiration.

Ali Zafar composed the official anthem ‘Ab Khel kay dikha” for the debut season of PSL followed by “Ab Khel Jamay Ga” for the second year of the league. He then sang the anthem of PSL 3. This anthem was “Dil Se Jaan laga de” and the anthem became an immediate favorite!

Millions heard these anthems on YouTube and social media. Ali Zafar managed to excite and provoke the audience. His powerful vocals put us in the right mood of game fever. Our beloved cricketers featured in the videos and the videos garnered much attention.

As much as we enjoyed Ali Zafar’s anthems, it appears that he will not be singing the next anthem for PSL 4. Ali Zafar has been replaced by Fawad Khan, Shuja Haider and Young Desi who will collaborate to give us another exciting track for PSL.

While Shuja Haider and Young Desi have a fan following, Fawad Khan has a huge following, all of whom are most eager to hear him sing again. We are now excited to hear the anthem these three create! Hopefully it will be just as good or better than Ali Zafar’s anthems.

PSL 4 will be starting from February, 2019. Five grounds have been allocated for the matches, these include grounds in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi in UAE, Karachi and Lahore in Pakistan.


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