Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi ‘s on going conflict has seen new developments. The singer addressed media in front of court and spoke publicly on the issue for the first time.

Meesha Shafi Fined By The Judge in Defamation Case!

“To tolerate cruelty is a bigger sin than inflicting it,” said Zafar. “I wasn’t called to court today yet here I am because I’m telling the truth and a person like that will come to court regardless. And whoever doesn’t show up, you can assume what they are.”

Meesha has accused him of sexual harassment,all he had to say was that Meesha should appear in court. There have been speculations that she is using this to get immigration in Canada. Responding to this he said that he cannot speak about her intentions.

“Meesha’s case has been dismissed, in the eyes of the law, I’m already innocent. This is a very important fact, her appeal has also been dismissed. This case is for the all the psychological and financial damage she’s done to me and my family.”

Meesha Shafi’s Lawyer Responds To Alleged Forgery

Meesha’s legal team has filed an appeal in Supreme court, against the court’s ruling.

From Meesha’s end, her legal team has issued a statement that was also shared by one of the members of her legal team in her tweet:

Ali Zafar also broke down in tears that has garnered a lot of attention as he requested her accuser to stop. During an interview he said:

“If she [Meesha] takes a step forward I’ll take ten steps forward.”

Ali Zafar

Zafar has filed a defamation case against Shafi, however now the statement issued by Meesha Shafi demands a public apology by Ali Zafar as well.

The matter has been on going since April 2018 when Shafi accused Zafar of sexually harassing him.


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