In a talk-show with Waseem Badami, popular singer Ali Azmat alleged that Ali Zafar has conspired to make the PSL 5 anthem a flop. The PSL 5 anthem, Tayyar Hain featured some of the most adored singers of Pakistan, including Ali Azmat himself alongside Asim Azhar, Arif Lohar and Haroon Rashid.

Ali Zafar responded in a video which was coated in sarcasm as he went on to ask if the entire world’s bad will be blamed on him? Since then Ali Zafar has also announced that he will be releasing a new cricket anthem for his fans who have been missing him tremendously.

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In a program with Geo news last night, Ali Zafar addressed Ali Azmat’s allegations and claimed that he could not have possibly changed the hearts of thousands of people!

Upon being asked if he made the video saying evrything bad should be blamed on him in response to Ali Azmat’s allegations, Ali Zafar replied, “No it was a general video, neither I nor did Ali Azmat take any names. I made it because I feel like people tend to blame a lot on me”

He also added that he thinks Ali Azmat is a rock star and he respects him. “Ali Azmat has his own style, he said something in his common style. ”

Upon being asked, if he liked the latest PSL 5 anthem, Ali Zafar replied, “It’s nice” rather mischievously, hinting that he does not like it.

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Ali Azmat also took to social media last night and wrote that PSL anthems are not meant to compete! He further wrote that one should encourage such songs and focus on the message they deliver, instead of who sung it!

“Every year PSL releases an anthem, which is not meant to compete or better the previous year’s track. Any song made for this occasion by anyone just adds to the celebration and we should encourage it as a nation and own it. We seem to have forgotten the message of unity the song is giving and focus on the who is singing it. We welcome all songs from fellow artists who are celebrating their love for cricket and their country too. Pakistan hai hamara, Pakistan hai tumhara.” He wrote.

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Many lauded Ali Azmat’s message. Prominent Actor Emmad Irfani also commented, “This King’s speech was due! Well said and Pakistan Zindabad!”


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