ali sethi chandni raat

In times like this the song is definitely soothing!

Ali Sethi recently released his latest single Chandni Raat, which has been making rounds on the internet. The song is originally a Ghazal by Saifuddin Saif. Ali’s soulful vocals have created magic with these beautiful words. While the classical song itself is an audio treat, it is the concept of the music video that pulled us in!

Ghazal are often used to depict romance, unattainable or forbidden love, Ali Sethi’s Chandni Raat keeps it very simple. The love shown in the video is at human level.

The music video has been directed by Sarmad Sultan Khoosat & Awais Gohar . So it is no surprise that video is deep and meaningful. As the song begins we see a group of individuals that are standing under a shed. Everyone is sticking to their own space and not interacting with the other. They seem to be in their own little world disconnected with the rest around them.

As the video progresses we see that the individuals though not acquainted with each other lend a hand to help out. We see a Sikh help a woman keep the fire going, an old women sewing the sleeve of a young man, a woman offering a mother to comfort her child, two old men connecting over a game of cards, a young boy noticing the young girl in an abaya.

The video in its simplicity has a sweet sentiment and a very important message of love, harmony, the realization that at the end of the day we are human, who should be uplifted and supported by other fellow beings.

The instruments used in the song are piano, flugelhorn and violin, all hand played giving it a extremely soft feel. Grammy winner Noah Georgeson is the brains behind the production of this piece. In case you have missed it check out the song here!


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