The teasers of Ali Rehman Khan, Naveen Waqar and Ushna Shah starrer Bewafa are out. The drama is a triangular story between the three protagonist. Ali plays Naveen’s husband who is not faithful to her. He is shown to be having an extra-martial affair and lying about it to his wife.

Exclusive: Director reveals details of Ali Rehman & Ushna Shah’s drama Bewafa

Ushna plays the other woman who will create a rift between these two. Though Naveen’s character Kinza is suspicious of her husband he keeps on lying to her.We see her in conflicted state trying to decided whether to believe him or not.

The next teaser shows Ali Rehman swearing to his wife about not cheating on her with Shireen (Ushna) even though he is! This goes to reveal a lot about his character.The teasers are only reflecting on one side of the story, and we look forward to seeing what the other side of the story is and whether there is even one.

Talking to director Aabis Raza about the drama he revealed:

“The focus of the play is on the morale that exist in a family pertaining to the way in which life should be lived to ensure a peaceful life. One can make mistakes which leads to their life becoming miserable. Everything is ultimately in our own hands. The drama will be tapping into a story along these lines. “

Going by the teasers it seems to be following a very familiar theme. However it all depends on how the drama has been executed. Bewafa is a Big Bang Production. The drama will begin airing in September on ARY Digital.

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