Ali Kazmi has made a name for himself, in local industry and also internationally. Being the son of two mega television stars Saira Kazmi and Rahat Kazmi, talent and love for the industry was in his blood. He got engaged in the industry very early on but took a break from it in his 20s.

Epk got a hold of Ali on the set of his upcoming drama Tu Ishq Ha to hear more about his journey.  He revealed what motivated him to move to Canada despite having an established repute in local industry.



Even though Ali has actively been part of the industry, there came a point when he realized that the content being produced was being inspired by Indian dramas. Quality films were not being made either. Sensing the lack of originality he decided to shift gears.

He got enrolled in film school and then drama school in Canada. After that he applied for various production jobs and also auditioned for roles. He managed get a role in a theatre play which became a defining moment for him in Canadian industry.



After that play he got picked up by an agent who has helped him get good roles and continues to do so. He decided to start picking up projects back in Pakistan as well. He has been seen in Baaghi, Jackson Heights and also a film Dobara Phir Sy.  Looks like Ali Kazmi has managed to resurface in local industry very smoothly and can be expected to be a highly demanded actor very soon.

Watch Ali Kazmi exclusively talk to Epk about his journey:


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