Last year we have seen some refreshing additions in Pakistani drama industry that includes the likes of the promising Bilal Abbas Khan and Ahad Raza Mir. As our drama industry is moving forward at full speed, simultaneously, there is an exponential increase in the space for new talent. People wish to see fresh, talented faces on their screens hence, the drama industry is expected to promote new and young which the industry is doing so.

Last year debutant Ahad Raza Mir created the impeccable buzz in Yaqeen ka Safar. His acting was loved by the people and his character was also well received; the role of Dr. Asfandyar. Side by side, Bilal Abbas Khan went on to impress being one of the best as well through his role as the humble Qasim in O Rangreza. After O Rangreza, Bilal gained tons in terms of popularity as compared to his previous projects. Call it luck, the right character, talent, good timing or a combination of all these, the level of fame changed in a very positive way for Bilal after the success of O Rangreza. Also, of course, his talent paired with his handsome persona made him the jackpot combination.

The latest addition in the industry is Muhammad Ali Josh who has all characteristics to give face to the formula of being the newest sensation of the industry. ?? #Tshirt #boys #music #jeans #Route66 #Groot

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He is currently playing the lead character in Kesi Aurat hun Main produced by Mukhtar Ahmed and Hammad Abbas. Ali is playing the character of Taimoor; a young businessman who runs a private media house. The actor does justice to his role; his dialogue delivery, expressions and the way he synchronizes with the character’s persona is impressive. Role of Taimoor is getting accolades from the critics and attention of the audience, both. He has proven to be a flawless choice for playing the role against Nadia Khan in Kesi Aurat hun Main.

Before this, he also played a supporting role in Alif, Allah aur Insaan and is currently appearing in Babban Khala Ki Betiyan, Rashk and Mein Haar Nahi Manun Gi. At this growing stage of the industry, we need more actors like him who can create a strong difference and perform at a mega scale on the screen in order to grab positive attention through the word of mouth. For the audience; looks and body of the actor matter but so does the acting because they love to watch attractive and striking faces on the screen but they are mature enough to applaud an actor who performs well and criticize the one who doesn’t.


Basically, success nowadays is a door reserved for those with the whole package.


Ali Josh is this whole package and we wish him best of luck in all future projects.


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