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A month after Disney revealed the first look of Aladdin they are back with the trailer. The first look met with a mixed response and criticism by fans who thought Will Smith as Genie appears to be a bad choice. The split second glimpse that we caught was slightly cringe worthy and unsettling.

However with the trailer out now, we have to say they have made up for the disappointing teaser. The 2 min 14 second trailer resembles the original and has put all characters into right perspective.

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Screen grab from Aladdin Trailer

The trailer did not fall short of thrill and excitement. Aladdin played by Mena Massoud fits the description of Aladdin, we see him running in the streets of Agrabah after stealing something as some men chase him. The chase sequence is so thrilling that it gets you hooked. The graphics are beautiful and they make the whole setting look so real and similar to the original animated movie.

One character who is coming off as a disappointment is Jafar, who seems extremely uptight and uncomfortable with his avatar. Lets hope we are pleasantly surprised when we watch the movie!

Jafar in Aladdin

This time around we see Aladdin enter the cave of wonders and they show the entire scene of him rubbing the lamp and then the Genie appears. There are some pretty cool light moments with Genie showing off his magic. The background music is similar to the original which is a total treat!

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Will Smith has brought in his usual swag and humor into the character which adds charm to it. The trailer is full of colors and is vibrant! Naomi Watts looks beautiful as princess Jasmine. Once again we don’t get to hear many dialogues from her.

Aladdin(Mena Massoud) & Genie (Will Smith)

The focus of the trailer is Aladdin and Genie’s relationship and their continuous bickering is amusing to watch. The music number at the end looks fun. One thing is for sure that the trailer has worked its magic and we are definitely looking forward to watching it!

The film is slated to release on 24 May 2019. Get ready to relive your childhood!

Check out the trailer here!


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