Disney just dropped another teaser of the very enchanting and classical tale of Aladdin. Previous Teaser of Aladdin’s live-action adaptation met with a mixed response. While some absolutely adored it, others were cynical. However, this teaser is truly beautiful! The aesthetics, the direction, the background score and the dialogues are the highlights of this teaser.

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The clip unfolds the blooming romance between Jasmine and Aladdin. The teaser is titled, “The connection”and it shows us Aladdin’s transition from a street rat to the prince of Agrabah in his pursuit of Princess Jasmine.

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The teaser is pure magic and it evokes immense nostalgia as it has the same heartwarming dialogues and the same beautiful background score of Aladdin. It starts with Genie asking Aladdin who the girl is? and upon hearing she is a princess, the genie suggest, “Arent they all?”Another dialogue that stands out is when Genie tells Aladdin that “Prince Ali got you to the door, But Aladdin has to open it”

The teaser tugs at our heartstrings when we see Aladdin and Jasmine’s iconic scene being recreated in front of us. Aladdin takes Jasmine on a ride on his carpet. The song “A whole new world” was always mesmerizing and hearing it once again in this live action remake appears to be treat!

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The teaser has us gushing over the adorable romance between the duo throughout!

Watch the teaser here:

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