Akshay Kumar to star in multiple upcoming films

Akshay Kumar has multiple upcoming films on the cards. One of which is the fourth installment of Houseful. Houseful is a well-received romantic comedy starring Akshay Kumar in the lead. Although, Houseful 3 managed to make a good opening in Pakistan, however the film later took a plunge as people neither liked its content nor does Akshay Kumar have a pull in Pakistan. Likewise, Houseful 4 is depending upon its content too.

This installment will star Kriti Sanon, Kriti Khabanda, Pooja Hedge, Riteish Deshmukh and others alongside Akshay.  

Akshay Kumar is a prominent actor in India who manages to woo the audience there. However the star does not have the same stardom in Pakistan. Although his latest outing, 2.0 did well in Pakistan however the credit goes more to the content of the film. 2.0 has largely been well received as people liked the content.

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Akshay Kumar will also be starring in Anurag Singh’s film “Kesari”. Kesari narrate the tale of Havildar Ishar Singh who participated in the Battle of Saragarhi in which an army of 21 Sikhs fought against 10,000 Afghans in 1897. The battle occurred on what is now Khyber PakhtunKhwa, Pakistan. The Sikhs, led by Havildar Ishar Singh chose to fight to the death for their honor.

Akshay Kumar will star alongside Parineeti Chopra in this film. This Akshay Kumar starrer is again not likely to do well in Pakistan, provided it releases here. As the film tackles a sensitive issue, it is very likely that the controversial content of the film may not be allowed in Pakistan. This film will definitely not help Akshay Kumar’s stardom in Pakistan.

Akshay Kumar’s third film likely to release in Pakistan will be Rohit Shetty’s Sooryavanshi in which Akshay will be playing Veer Sooryavanshi in the film.

Rohit Shetty plans to create his own universe of his favourite Cops. This will be the third franchise of the film. The first film Singham starred Ajay Devgn while the second film Simmba roped in Ranveer Singh. After the success of the first two films in Pakistan, let’s see if the third film can rake in a similar performance with Akshay Kumar in lead.


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