8th March Friday 2019 dramas: Baandi VS Noor Bibi

The long running Band Khirkiyan has finally ended after such a long run, but Baandi and Noor Bibi still continue to air on Fridays and their plots have progressed quite a lot since the beginning! Read on to know what happened this week in Baandi and Noor Bibi and where they stand in terms of quality and ratings!

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Baandi (Hum Tv) Moomal Entertainment

With Wali becoming aware of his own parents’ crime against Meeru, tensions rise in their house as Wali does his best to conceal his own hatred while keeping Meeru safe in the hospital. Faiza however begins to suspect that Wali knows the truth, as the way he talks to her changes and he starts to avoid his parents all the time.

Tahwaar is arrested by Wali as well and it seems the truth will finally begin to come out. Meeru inches closer to recovery as her surgery is successful and soon she will be fully recovered. Wali and Meeru confess their love to each other as well and everything seems to be going perfectly.

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Of course, Faiza will not let things progress this way and next episode won’t be so happy. This was a relatively mild episode and even though Tahwaar’s arrest is huge, the way it was shown was bland and disappointing. Moments that should be highlighted are not and other unnecessary scenes are blown out of proportion and that is the biggest flaw in Baandi uptil now, despite an absorbing story.

Noor Bibi (Geo Tv)

Hania’s disappearance causes trouble for everyone as the police show up to arrest Raja Shaukat. However he manages to run away just in time while Feroza is taken to the police station instead. Roshany however has Hania hidden in her house without the knowledge of her mother even, and they plan on extracting money from Raja Shaukat under the pretence that Hania is murdered.

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The suspect for Hania’s murder is obviously Raja Shaukat and their plan falls into place perfectly. Seema on the other hand stays with her phuppo without knowing what her phuppo has been doing, and Feroza exploits Seema’s phuppo for information.

Overall, this episode was extremely fast-paced and at times had no direction. The plot has already become a mess at this point and since the characters are so many, none of them seem relatable or sympathetic. It’s definitely a chore watching this drama as merely keeping up with what’s happening on screen can be confusing!

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While it may have its flaws, Baandi is far better than Noor Bibi for many reasons. It has a much better cast such as Muneeb Butt who is such an impressive actor. Its story is also far more interesting than Noori Bibi and actually has a direction and structure, unlike the latter which is all over the place. And in the end, the characters of Baandi have actual depth and we love Wali and Meeru’s characters the most out of all!

Do you agree with my verdict? Let me know in the comments!

Umaima Munir is a film and theatre nerd who is extremely passionate about well-written scripts. Her love for television stems from days of watching old PTV dramas such as Andhera Ujala.


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