The very melodious singer Aima Baig has been on roll from a while now! The singer has some of the most popular film songs to her credits such as Item Number, Balma Bahgora, Kalabaz Dil and popular OSTs like Ja Tujhay Maaf Kiya from Do Bol and Ehd E Wafa ‘s Yaariyan.

She is truly a very talented singer. However the singer donned an amusing getup for her performance at PSL 5 yesterday. She bore striking resemblance to popular American singer Ariana Grande!

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Grande wears her hair in a high ponytail which has become her a signature style. She began tying her hair up after the actress and singer’s hair were damaged due to constantly dying them for a character she played in two of Disney’s series. Grande has embraced her new hairstyle as her identity.

Not only was Aima Baig’s hairstyle the same, her makeup also reminded people of Arina Grande! Although many lauded her performance.

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Nevertheless Aima Baig’s performance has generally been well received!

Previously Ali Azmat was also compared to Pitbull in PSL 4!


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