Leading Indian Publications claimed yesterday that Shahrukh Khan does not want to see Aanand L Rai’s face after the debacle of Zero. Bollywood Hungama were the first ones to spark rumors followed by other publications.

They reported as per their sources that Shahrukh Khan had cut off all his ties the director as he blamed him for Zero’s failure. We previously contradicted the statement by pointing out that Shahrukh Khan had already taken the responsibility of Zero’s failure while talking to a Chinese website CGTN.He said, “Maybe I made the wrong film, maybe I did not do the right storytelling so I am a little wary how it will be received here and I hope people here will like it”

Shah Rukh Khan To Play A Cop in His Next?
Shah Rukh Khan

We also pointed out that its highly irresponsible to run a news staining a celebrity’s name based only on unconfirmed sources. They reported,“They had mutually agreed to share a creative partnership. But after the release of Zero I don’t think Shah Rukh even wants to see Aanand Rai’s face” They claimed as per their sources that Shah Rukh has stopped taking Rai’s calls.

Are Leading Indian Publications staining Shahrukh Khan’s name?

The source also added,“Shah Rukh blames Rai entirely for the fiasco that was Zero. What was Aanand Rai thinking? This is what Shah Rukh now wonders, like everybody else.”

The statements appeared harsh and highly unlikely which made us question their credibility. It made us wonder if Shahrukh Khan’s position after a few flops has made him a vulnerable target for all kinds of attacks by publications in a bid to acquire readership? There has been a lot of good, bad and ugly being written about Shahrukh Khan post Zero’s debacle.

Amidst the criticism on Zero, Shahrukh Khan proclaims to be a king
Shahrukh Khan

Times of India has now run an exclusive news today rubbishing all the rumors. They wrote, “Insiders has informed that there is no issue between the two! The industry insider reveals, “There is no truth to this, all is well between Shah Rukh Khan and Aanand L. Rai after ‘Zero’ release.”

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