After Urwa Hocane and Ahad Raza Mir, Hania Amir leaves us speechless

Hania Amir is a refined actor with a refreshing presence. While the Parwaz Hai Junoon actress has proven herself on the acting end, she gave singing a try and lets just say its not for everyone!

She had shared the news in an Instagram post a while back and we had our eyes glued to social media to see when it gets released and hear the final product.

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Allah miyaan izzat rakh le bas.

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Many actors have ventured into singing before such as Mehwish Hayat, Sajjal Aly, Urwa Hocane and even Ahad Raza Mir. People were not too impressed with Urwa Hocane and Ahad Raza Mir’s vocals in particular. We are all familiar with Urwa Hocane’s “Ao Lay Kar Chaloun” and Ahad Raza Mir’s rendition of Ko Ko Korina. Both the songs met with a lot of amusement and mockery!

Hania Aamir has followed suit and sang the OST of her upcoming serial, Anaa.

Hania Amir and Sahir Ali Bagga

The song is finally out and we are once again left speechless. Her high pitched voice is neither melodious nor harmonious. Hania Amir sung the song with none other than Sahir Ali Bagga, who brings magic with every OST which he sings however, Hania Amir has simply made the song annoying.

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Although the collaboration seemed exciting, Hania’s part sounds unpleasant. Her rasping voice is piercing for the ears! We suggest the actress to stick to acting!

While her part in the song is very limited, it still doesn’t exactly hit the right notes. She doesn’t have a groomed singing voice and that shows in the chorus that she has sung in the track. On the other hand as soon as Sahir start singing it feels like a real song. His melodious voice is the saving grace of the song.

The background music of the song is very upbeat whereas her part does not gel in as her vocals are not in harmony with the music .

Have a listen to the snippet of the OST and let us know what you think!


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