We all know the vision of Prime Minister and his fight for better and prosperous Pakistan. The whole election campaign of Imran Khan was set for the formation of Naya Pakistan. We saw him using this term numerous times in processions, marches and press conferences. His followers even came up with multiple songs on it.

List Of All Songs On Naya Pakistan.

These days most popular thing on internet is Game Of Thrones. As we reach closer to the end of the series, everyone is wondering who will sit on the iron throne after the big battle. Jon Snow is a fan favorite right now. Jon is visionary and he feels for the people like Imran Khan. He doesn’t wish for throne rather he wishes for a better Westeros and good future of seven kingdoms like Imran Khan.

Its Jon Snow, who has brought dragons to North when Northerns are not comfortable with dragons. Furthermore, all the seven kingdoms still hate for how brutal Targaryen were and how they snatched the freedom of seven kingdoms. He yet brings a Targaryen queen and makes everyone feel comfortable with her.

Fans Of Game Of Thrones and Avengers Make A Pact.

What surprises everyone the most is the fact that Lannisters and Starks fighting together. Jaime Lannister and Tyrion Lannister are the last two male Lannisters alive. And both are going to fight for Winterfell along with Starks. These many major changes were never brought by anyone in the all seven kingdoms. But Jon Snow brought them for the survival of seven kingdoms and he convinced everyone that these changes are worth.

This reminds us the way Imran Khan is bringing radical changes in the country. They are sounding harsh, but Mr Khan has convinced the whole nation that these changes are worth it like Jon Snow has convinced the whole Westeros. Well, we can easily say that Jon Snow is following the footsteps of Mr. Prime Minister to make a Naya Westeros.

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