EPK has been running a campaign against piracy from the very beginning. We first highlighted how local cable operators have been blatantly screening recent Pakistani film releases on their CD channels illegally.

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We also pointed out how local clubs are also offenders and how piracy has become a mundane act in Pakistan.

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Following heightened tensions between India and Pakistan, certain measures were taken. Cinema Exhibitors imposed a temporary ban on the screening of Indian films in cinemas while the supreme court of Pakistan has previously banned Indian content on Tv channels.

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However, Dvd stores are still selling Dvds of recent Indian releases regardless of the law. Following Pulwama Incident, Indian actor Ajay Devgn announced that Total Dhamal will not release in Pakistan. Surprisingly, Total Dhamaal has hit the stores in Pakistan.

Another recent Indian release Luka Chuppi can also be found in stores. The open sale of Indian films in the market leaves a huge question mark upon Pakistan’s law and order.

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Authorities are requested to take immediate action against the blatant sale of pirated Indian Dvds.

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Watch EPK Expose Piracy of Indian films with proof:


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