Affan Waheed as Badar has become one of the most cherished faces on Tv currently. His ongoing drama “Do Bol” has managed to garner utmost love from drama enthusiasts. Reeling in the success of Do Bol, Affan Waheed is all set to amaze us in another upcoming drama, “Daag” alongside Saheefa Jabbar and Saboor Aly.

The actor who has several memorable dramas, has largely been seen essaying positive roles. The actor has now gone down the less traveled road as he is experimenting with various kind of roles. “Daag” is a powerful play tackling the issue of society labeling people.

Affan Waheed to be seen in his first negative role alongside Sanam Jung!

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Talking to Epk, Affan Waheed revealed what the play is about.

“I am playing a young to old role for the first time. So the first 7-8 episodes will be my young period with Saheefa Jabbar. We will be university students. We will gradually like each other and get married. We also have a class disparity between us.

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Then the drama transits from the early 90s to the current day. Our characters will have matured. More characters will be introduced and the story will progress. You will have to watch the drama to see what happens next. However, this play is very different from what I have done before.”

How is Saheefa Jabbar and Saboor Aly as costars?

Saheefa Jabbar and Saboor Aly are amazing to work with. Saheefa’s casting came as a surprise to me. She is a very powerful actress although she just started her career so I was not expecting this level of performance from her. However, she is amazing. I have seen her in Beti’s promos as well and she seemed very promising. Saboor Aly is also amazing. They are both very professional.

Who is the most fun person on Sets?

Well, Saheefa is also fun. She’s a very happy go lucky sort of person. She has no issues and throws no tantrums on the sets. She is very causal. She’s also very punctual and professional.

However, Saboor Aly is a lot of fun that way. She is very funny! Very theatrical and a lot of fun to work with!

Saheefa Jabbar And Affan Waheed

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Why should everyone watch this drama?

Well its my first from young to old role. It has a powerful plotline. It has been written by Ali Moin and its very well written. Its knitted so well.

This drama follows a very different pattern. Its a role that transits from young to old. Whereas the rest of the dramas are on a safer side, following tried and tested patterns. So while I am excited for this drama, I am also a little unsure about how this drama will be received. Hopefully it will click with audience too. Let’s see.

The drama stars also Kashif Mehmood, Nadia Afgan and Saba Hamid. It’s been directed by Mohsin Mirza, and being produced by IDream Entertainment.


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