Popular actor Affan Waheed will be seen in an Eid telefilm alongside the very talented Yumna Zaidi. The actor acquired the boy next door image with an array of well-liked positive roles in his baggage. His latest outing, Do Bol alongside Hira Mani has been an immense success.

It appears the actor is now experimenting with his roles as he will now be seen in a comical role! This will be Waheed’s second comedy project after “Apna Khana Khud Gharam Karo” last year.

Talking about the telefilm, Affan Waheed revealed the plotline and his character details.

“My character is a conceited, happy go lucky, slightly funny guy raised by a single mother. Sanam Ansari is essaying the role of my mother and she is portraying a commercial director, a young thriving and an eligible woman.

He continued, ‘Nouman Masood is playing Yumna Zaidi’s father. Our parents are bent upon getting us married. So Yumna and I collaborate to get the marriage emergency out of the way. We pretend to like each other in order to procrastinate the wedding and then there’s a catch in the end which the audiences will have to watch the telefilm to find out.”

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We also asked the actor a few questions to which he gave some very intriguing answers!

How is Yumna Zaidi as a Co-star?

It has always been a pleasure working with Yumna. I have worked with her before. She is family to me. I have known her since childhood so working with her is a pleasant experience.

Share an anecdote from sets?

We had only 4 days of shoot so we were mainly just focused on shooting. However there was one incident. In Yumna’s room in the telefilm, they have hung her pictures on the walls. While we were working, one picture started moving and it shortly fell. It was spooky however we thought it might be a coincident. After a while another picture started to move and it too fell down. So this was slightly spooky and quite amusing. We enjoyed that moment and freaked out.

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How difficult is the transition from serious roles to a comical role?

I initially thought that comedy would be difficult and technically my first comedy project was Apna Khana Khud Gharam Kro last year. I thought I can not do slapstick comedy. I can not jump around and make weird faces so when somebody calls me for a telefilm which is comical, I tell the directors very clearly and distinctly that I wont be able to do that and that I will do comedy my own way.

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However on the first day of shoot, I was still trying to do a lot of comedy but I am glad Mohsin Talat told me to be myself. So they let me be. I thought it would be difficult but no it was refreshing and I think your body language tends to open up and improve with comedy, so yes it was a lot of fun. It was a break from all that serious and grim content. Although doing serious dramas is my forte and I will love to continue doing those but this too was a lot of fun.

The yet to be titled telefilm has been written by Adeel Raza and is produced and directed by Mohsin Talat.

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