Punjab Board of Film Censors (PBFC) finally has a new chairman in place. The Government of Punjab has appointed actor/producer/screenwriter Adeel Hashmi for the position. As per latest, the notification has been issued and the actor will take charge from Tuesday 22nd October.

Has the PBFC found its next chairman?

Adeel Hashmi is one of the renowned and well respected names of the industry. He is known for his comical roles especially in Teen Bata Teen. Among his recent works, he voiced Shahzada Khan in 2018 animated film The Donkey King. He was also seen in Bachaana in 2016.

With Adeel Hashmi taking over the reins from veteran film actress Zeba, there were rumors that veteran actor Ghulam Moihuddin will be appointed the new chairman but now Adeel Hashmi has been announced the new chairman and notification has already been issued.

Before the formation of PBFC, Central Board Of Film Censors (CBFC) was headed by mostly politicians and bureaucrats who had no background of media industry. When PBFC was formed, Zeba was appointed as first Chairman which was a good step as we saw someone from the film fraternity as a chairman. Now with Adeel Hashmi taking charge from tomorrow, the industry hopes that the censor issues faced by films will be resolved with a pro-active approach.

We at Epk wish Adeel Hashmi congratulations for this new role.


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