Critic Rating

Written by: Syed Ameer Ali Shah Hussaini

Directed by: Syed Ali Raza Usama

Produced by: Babar Javed


This week’s episode started on a happy note. Maryam finally starts to embrace the new reality of her life i.e. Shan-e-Alam. She starts looking forward to spending her life with him. Little did the poor soul know that fate has something else in store for her.  She receives another blow when Shan’s mom comes to meet her and realization hits her hard that Shan is actually Jan-e-Alam’s brother.

Compared to last week, the episode progressed at a good pace and credit goes to the writer Syed Ameer Ali. When things start to look better for the protagonist, the writer throws a curve ball our way which I don’t mind as it keeps interest in the drama alive. Happiness and Maryam don’t go along well. When Jan’s mother begs her to leave Shan so that Maryam doesn’t become the bone of contention between the brothers (Jan & Shan both lover her), she selflessly agrees. Over the years there have been many dramas where the villain is seen harassing the female lead and eventually falling for her also. But what sets apart Ab Dekh Khuda Kya Karta Hai are the beautifully written dialogues, commendable direction and some great acting skills.


Sanam Chaudhry and Humayun Ashraf in their characters


Danish Taimur never fails to impress as Jan-e-Alam whether it is through his malicious side or his remorseful one. He has gotten into the skin of the character so well that even the audience can feel the excruciating pain he goes through every day, while waiting for Maryam to forgive him. Similarly Sanam Chaudhry from the simple, high-spirited girl to the wounded, cautious one has nailed her character. As the ill-fated Maryam, she had me crying with her in her dark moments.


Danish Taimoor as Jaan-e-Alam


The way with which the director develops the story through flashback is also visually appealing and works in favour of the drama. Rather than showing the whole scenes again and again while reminiscing about the past, short highlights are used to keep the viewers aware of the whole situation. Moreover, it’s nice to see a drama that’s closer to reality. Every character has matured over time rather than drastically. Jan-e-Alam understands the meaning of karma once it hits him hard; Shan-e-Alam realizes his love for Maryam after getting to know her only rather than just falling in love with a pretty face, and Maryam starts to believe in love again only after seeing Shan’s honesty and goodness.

Next week’s episode is highly anticipated because of an unexpected twist at the end which turned Jan and Shan’s world upside down. The prevailing negative circumstances may change the brothers’ equation in the future.


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