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Written by: Syed Ameer Ali Shah Hussaini

Directed by: Syed Ali Raza Usama

Produced by: Babar Javed


Ab Dekh Khuda Kya Karta Hai is a story of maltreatment, humiliation, and repentance.  Starring Danish Taimoor, Sanam Chaudhary & Yashma Gill in the lead roles this drama is a must watch for me every week.

Shan-e-Alam (Humayun Ashraf) is desperate to make Maryam (Sanam Chaudhary) his life partner, but she is reluctant to do so because of her dreadful past experience of marriage.  When he proposes to her she gets furious. To her, Shan-e-Alam’s kindness is some kind of trap, since all her life she has been manipulated by men who behaved nicely initially, but later on tried to use her for their own evil deeds. Despite Shan-e-Alam helping her, when her niece Hamna has an accident, she still finds it hard to trust him. Her judgemental power, between the good and the bad, is obscured because of the brutality she faced earlier at the hands of Jan-e-Alam. She finally confronts Shan with the details of her past, hoping it would finally put an end to his feelings towards her.



Poor Maryam can hardly be blamed for her rigidity. Life has not treated her fairly. The shadows of her past life are not leaving her. Sanam Chaudhry has brilliantly essayed the role of a woman who has been bitten more than once and has now lost hope that any goodness exists in the world. Her acting gave me goose bumps when she recollects her onscreen mother’s death scene, although I had watched it before too.

Jan-e-Alam (Danish Taimoor), Shan’s elder brother is repenting over his ill-treatment of Maryam.  The bad karma he built up for himself earlier did get the better of him. He is repenting day and night; trying to make amends for his past mistakes. His mother wants him to get married again but he refuses to do so. He is persistent that without getting Maryam’s forgiveness he won’t do any such thing.



The drama is totally living up to its title of Ab Dekh Khuda Ka Karta Hai. Jan-e-Alam in his arrogance completely forgot that there is a higher power, which never leaves abandons the oppressed. Sooner or later the Almighty does bring one’s bad deeds in front of them.  After her endless sufferings and irreparable losses, Shan-e-Alam has come in the form of a blessing for Maryam which she is unable to comprehend for now.

Will Shan prove to be a silver lining in Maryam’s life? And will he accept her after knowing her past? To know this tune in to Geo Tv next Tuesday!



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