Critic Rating

Directed by
: Syed Ali Raza Usama

Written by: Syed Ameer Ali Shah Hussaini

Produced by: Babar Javed

Drama serial Ab Dehk Khuda Kiya Karta Hai is based basically on a businessman Jan-e-Alam who belongs to a good family but lives in another city for his work. There, he traps young girls for his personal desires. One of her employee also committed suicide after he rejected to accept her.

Jan-e-Alam (Danish Taimur) comes to know that Malik (Rashid Farooqui) has misplaced the files he was looking for. Malik owns Mariyam (Sanam Chaudhry) as his sister.

A dialogue from the scene literally made the episode influential. Jan-e-Alam comes to Malik and threatens him. Malik doesn’t get scared and instead replies back to him and to soften the conversation, offers Jan-e-Alam a cup of tea, where he replies;

“Apny hi diye huye Tukray nahi Khatay”.

Mariyam gets engaged and Malik arranges everything for wedding. Jan-e-Alam starts feeling regret for what he did. He comes to apologize to Mariyam and Mariyam rejects. On wedding day, during Nikkah somebody sends groom’s mother Mariyam’s photograph from the day when he was harassed by the minister (Salah Uddin Tunio). She stops the ceremony.

Danish Taimur’s acting is good but for the arrogant role, in the scene when he tries to cry and apologize to Mariyam, the acting looks quite immature.The visual quality is good enough and the suspense touches in the scene with camera movements can hype a thrill in one.The story is different from all other drama serials having typical love stories and same family issues.

One thing in the drama serial is attractive enough that he is seen scared and careful for his family and also about his reputation. Therefore, now let’s take a guess.In the next episode, the marriage will be cancelled and Jan-e-Alam may own her. But this is now a confusion that if he will be really good or just playing drama. The point to think is that if he has turned good, then who sent groom’s mother Mariyam’s pictures.

Watching the drama serial, it is quite a message to not just believe everyone with the look and word but to control and manage the limit. Let’s see what else is coming to us.


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