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Written by: Syed Ameer Ali Shah Hussaini

Directed by: Syed Ali Raza Usama

Produced by: Babar Javed


Danish Taimur never fails to impress as Jan-e-Alam whether it is through his malicious side or his remorseful one. He has gotten into the skin of the character so well that even the audience can feel the excruciating pain he goes through every day, while waiting for Maryam to forgive him. Similarly Sanam Chaudhry from the simple, high-spirited girl to the wounded, cautious one has nailed her character. As the ill-fated Maryam, she had me crying with her in her dark moments.



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The way the character of Jan-e-Alma unfolded depicts the rise and fall of this character. The drama introduced us to a selfish, greedy, rich and proud business man who destroyed the lives of many girls. Drunk in the trance of his riches, Jan-e-Alam forces the character of his girlfriend played by Yashma Gill to suicide. While she begs him to marry her, Jan-e-Alam ridicules her character and isolates her. He also causes the death of Mariam’s father by trying to sell her off to a minister. As Mariam (Sanam Chaudhry) escapes, he takes his vengeance from her by marrying her, only to divorce her.

Ab Dekh Khuda Kya Karta Hai was a rollercoaster of emotions this week and one word to aptly describe it all would be ‘heartbreaking.’ Karma has really hit Jan-e-Alam hard. In a shocking turn of events Jan-e-Alam and Shan-e-Alam lose their mother Firdous in an accident.

The once all high and mighty character goes to seek Maryum’s forgiveness. Maryum asks her sinner to plead for forgiveness while kneeling. This episode was a reminder of why this drama has been such a huge success with the audience not only because of its engaging storyline but also because of some really good acting skills. With all the things finally falling into place, this was the second last episode of the drama.

The Alam family is shown to be a close knit one and the death of the matriarch shook everyone to the core especially Jan-e-Alam. He shared an adorable bond with his mother and she was the only one to whom he had confided his sins to. Bearing the burden of his past mistakes and unable to find refuge anywhere except in his mother, Jan is deprived of his closest confidante.

Meanwhile, Maryam is facing an internal dilemma of whether she should forgive Jan-e-Alam or not. She is informed by Malik that her sinner has been punished by Allah through his sister’s kidnapping and he was disgraced in front of everyone. This makes a reluctant Maryam rethink her decision. For someone who has lost everything to a man’s evilness it is an extremely hard decision to make. The pain and mental torture that one has to go through mangles one’s soul in such a way that it gets very hard to bounce back.

The drama ends on a tranquil note for Jan-e-Alam as he breaks down badly after being forgiven by Maryam, and finally finds his long lost solace that he was searching for blindly amidst the darkness of his past atrocities.


Sanam Chaudhry as Mariam


For me it was one of the best episodes of the drama. I was literally crying my eyes out when Firdous has her last conversation with her sons and also when Jan-e-Alam & Shan-e-Alam are reminiscing about their mother. Can’t wait to see how the drama ends next week!

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