Critic Rating

Produced by: Babar Javed

Written by: Ameer Ali Shah

Directed by: Syed Ali Raza Usama

The latest episode started with a very riveting scene in which Maryam arrives at the engagement party with her mother and reveals Jaan e Alam’s reality upon his family and in law’s by showing them some pictures of Jaan e Alam with Noor ul saba as proof. After witnessing the pictures they break the engagement and leave. Jan e Alam convinces her mother that Maryam is condemning him by swearing falsely upon her sister. On the other hand Malik tells Maryam and his mother to leave their house and shift to his place because Jaan e Alam would not let them live happily and will definitely come to take revenge. Maryam’s mother agrees and they leave their home. Maryam tells Malik that Jaan e alam still have the affidavit while Jaan e Alam being unaware that it is actually Malik who helped Maryam, repeatedly tries to contact Malik and ponder that who have helped Maryam. Episode ends at an interesting note showing that Malik gets the only proof (affidavit) from the office which Jaan e alam could use against Maryam.

Episode was impactful both in terms of direction as well as the performances of the actors. Every detail is so well managed ranging from engagement setup of a rich businessman family to the miserable depiction of Maryam and her mother by their ordinary clothes. However, there is a small draw back in the story that how Maryam could trust Malik so easily as Malik do not have a clear history and they also shifted to his house without even thinking that how the society is going to react that why they are living at a strangers place. Otherwise the serial is going good with its story and is also grabbing attention with its suspenseful episodes. Daanish Taimoor is playing his character with such diversity. Sanam Chaudhary is also doing well. Supporting cast of the drama is doing a good job especially Rashid Farooqui as Malik.

This drama is dealing with a social issue and highlighting a negative side of our work culture, portraying it to be very challenging for women. It is very close to reality and shows a struggle of a poor innocent girl against a rich powerful business man conveying a message to its audience that no matter how worse the circumstances are, one should always try to help them self out and never compromise upon one’s dignity just as Maryam did in this episode.

The upcoming episodes hold a lot more, what will be Jaan e Alam’s reaction when he will come to know that it was Malik who helped Maryam? Will he forgive Maryam and realize his fault or will he take revenge from Maryam and Malik?

“Ab dekh Khuda kia karta hai” has a realistic story based on societal norms. Moreover, its nicely written script, strong performances and powerful direction makes this serial a must watch.


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