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“Ab Dekh Khuda Kia Karta Hai” is a GEO TV serial written by Syed Ameer Ali Shah Hussaini and directed by Syed Ali Raza Usama. It stars heartthrob Danish Taimoor in the lead role.

The latest episode of the serial was extremely painful as it showed problems galore for Maryam and her mother (Parveen Akbar). Jaan-e-Alam (Danish Taimoor) exceeds all his limits and showing that he is unsympathetic beyond imagination, repeatedly visits Maryam’s house and asks her to re-join the office. On her refusal, he puts a do-or-die situation before the mother and daughter, telling them that either they have to send Maryam back for his inappropriate purposes, which is to Maryam and her mother, a murder of their honour and self-respect, or they have to return him the money they borrowed from him. The amount they had borrowed from him is cleverly converted into a huge amount by Jaan-e-Alam and is presented to them as a condition. It is on reflection that Maryam realizes that when she had asked for 5 lacs from Jaan-e-Alam, he had made her sign a blank document and later on, had written 50 lacs on it for blackmailing. Since Maryam shows firmness in her decision of not joining Jaan-e-Alam’s office again, Jaan-e-Alam files a case against Maryam of a fraud of 50 lacs and gets her arrested.

The whole episode was extremely painful as it presented one sad scene after the other. The only pleasant thing about it was the change in Malik’s (Rashid Farooqi) character, who after hearing about Maryam’s father’s death, realizes the brutality of his boss’s acts but is not able to openly confess it due to Jaan-e-Alam’s harmful personality.

This is the same thing which keeps us curious about the coming episodes. While we know that problems are being and will be created for Maryam and her mother, we are also a little hopeful that Malik’s growing sympathy towards Maryam might incline him to help her in some way and enable her to get free of Jaan-e-Alam’s brutalities. But this he might have to do by putting his own life at risk.


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