Critic Rating

Director: Syed Ali Raz Usama

Writer: Syed Ameer Ali Shah Hussaini

Producer: Babar Javed

The episode started showing Jaan e Alam (Danish Taimoor) regretting his past and continues to tell her mother that he wants to meet Maryam once and apologize to her for all of his misdeeds. The episode ended at a scene showing Maryam’s attitude becoming a reason of dispute between Shaan and Maryam.

The drama has a strong storyline and a powerful script. Each scene was perfectly shot. As far as the performances are concerned Hamayoun Gul seems to be a good addition in the serial and is performing very well. Areesha Ahsan as Hamna is a delight for the audience.

She has already portrayed her acting skills brilliantly in her first major hit serial Udaari. Sanam Chaudhary and Danish Taimoor are nailing their characters. Maryam Noor is too good as Erum and is definitely leaving a mark behind by her flawlessly brilliant performance in each of the passing episodes. The story of the serial has still a lot more to be revealed as this new character Shaan has still not been introduced in the serial properly.

Upcoming episodes hold a lot more for the audience. What will be Maryam’s reaction after knowing who actually Shaan is? Will she continue her job or stick to her decision of resignation? Will Jaan e Alam succeed to make her sister’s life normal again? What has actually happened to Erum and what will be her reaction when she will get to know that the only reason behind her sufferings is her own brother?

Ab Dekh Khuda Kia Karta Hai is winning the hearts of its audience so far by its unique story, great script, and phenomenal cast. Moreover, its powerful direction and great acting by the actors make the serial a must watch.



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