Critic Rating

Directed by: Syed Ali Raza Usama

Written by: Syed Ameer Ali Shah Hussaini

Produced by: Babar Javed

The episode started with a scene where Maryam’s (Sanam Chaudhary) going to be mother-in-law receives Maryam’s pictures with the minister. After having a look at those pictures she calls out to cancel the marriage and condemns that Maryam is a characterless girls and she had affair with the minister. She shows the pictures to Maryam’s family and humiliates them vigorously. In a meanwhile Jaan e Alam (Danish Taimoor) comes and turns to be a savior by pledging the groom’s family not to cancel the marriage and gives them assurance that Maryam is a noble girl with high moral values by telling them that he knows her very well because she worked in her office but they refuses to do so and taunts Jaan e Alam that if he cares for her reputation so much then why doesn’t he accepts her and by saying this they leave. Jaan e Alam accedes to marry Maryam to save her reputation. Maryam’s mother (Parveen Akbar) tells Maryam that this is the only way left. Maryam accepts her mother’s decision but does not feel satisfied as she is in guilt to marry her father’s murderer. Episode ends at a pleasant note showing Jaan e Alam trying her best to compensate his mistakes as he tells Maryam that he will soon reveal their marriage to his mother and will convince her to accept Maryam wholeheartedly.

Ab Dekh Khuda Kia Karta has brought a story that is very un usual and is rarely seen in Pakistani dramas. The story line is unique but it has some flaws showing two of its evil characters I-e Jaan e Alam and Malik getting a 360 degree character shifts and making everybody believing them so easily. No matter what the situation was but no one trusts such people after getting trapped once. Direction of the play is also becoming weak by every passing episode. As far as the performances are concerned this serial has a nice cast of talented actors but today’s episodes had few flaws with respect to the acting. Maryam’s wedding scene was very weak none of the actors performed up to the mark in that particular scene even not the lead actress.

Dialogues of Maryam’s mother in law were really dramatic and so was her acting and Parveen Akbar’s performance is very disappointing especially in today’s episod as she did not show any emotional breakdown when her daughter’s barat got returned. However Danish taimoor is performing his character flawlessly and is nailing each of the scenes. The makeup artist and the team behind a wardrobe of the serial really need appreciation as they have done their work so keenly by transforming Maryams’s barat and Valima looks as the former was depicting a poor girl with ordinary clothes makeup and jewelry while the later represented wife of a rich businessman.

Upcoming episodes hold a lot more, intriguing the audience that whether Jan e Alam has changed completely or he is still trying to deceive Maryam to take revenge. Would Maryam accept Jaan e Alam or will she be introduced to another shocking reality.

Neglecting a few flaws in today’s episode it can be said that Ab Dekh Khuda kia karta Hai is sustaining to enthrall its audience with its unusual story-line and drastically changing scenarios.


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