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Written by Shagufta Bhatti and directed by Saima Waseem, “Aatish” is a HUM TV serial and in cast we have astounding actors like Saba Hameed, Azfar Rehman, Hina Altaf, Madeeha Rizvi, Aqeel Abbas, Azra Mansoor and others.

While we were introduced to the protagonist, Asma (Hina Altaf) in the previous episodes with her predicament being that her wedding with the driver’s son, Saadat Mand is under discussion to which she does not agree, the third episode marked the strengthening of the decision. Saad (Aqeel Abbas) not only forces Asma to marry Saadat Mand, but seeing that she is resisting, insults her by saying that she holds a status equal to the driver’s son, for she is also a maid who has always been treated as a family member. This badly breaks Asma’s heart, as a result of which she weeps a lot but all in vain. Saad’s wife, Nazia (Madeeha Rizvi) seconds the decision and the family plans to hold Asma and Saadat Mand’s nikah on the day of the betrothal of Naureen Aapa’s (Saba Hameed) son, Salaar.

To add salt to the injury, Saadat Mand’s family also agrees and the financial concerns feared by the family are met with consideration by Saad. Amma (Azra Mansoor) is emotionally blackmailed and made to agree by being told that this marriage will keep Asma before her eyes, whether happy or not. The conflict of the story lies in Shehryar’s (Azfar Rehman) disagreement, who is Naureen Aapa’s younger son and is right in believing that the family is making this decision only so that their maid turned into a family member may remain a maid of their house and continue to serve them even after marriage. His disagreement is partly the result of his kindness and partly the result of his love for Asma, which as is apparent, will not be accepted by his proud mother.

The episode subtly revealed hypocritical attitudes of the society. People who are apparently very considerate towards their servants cannot stand even a minor resilience, and it does not take them more than a few seconds to degrade their servants and make them feel that they are of no worth. Saad’s dialogues are a true representation of the clash between apparent attitudes and the real opinions hidden inside.

What keeps us curious is what will happen when the functions will take place simultaneously. Asma has shown surveillance after realizing that she is nothing more than a maid, but will Shehryar succumb? We are yet to see if he will stand against the decision, and if he succeeds in doing so, what catastrophe will take place.


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