Critic Rating

Writer: Shugufta Bhatti

Director: Saima Waseem

Produced By: MD Productions

As the marathon of the two previous episodes end, the viewer finally sees the story line getting into form and starting to get interesting again. Today’s episode is about Nazia Bhabi’s (Madiha Rizvi) unholy intentions that stay hidden from Asma (Hina Altaf) till the last 50 seconds when she finally gets a hint about them. As Nazia Bhabi finds out about Asma’s pregnancy when she goes to Ana abi to inquire. Here the director and Shugufta Bhatti does not shy away from showing and boldly penning down the dual faced personalities of people close to us.



Ana bi reveals Asma’s secret and sows the seed of hatred in Nazia Bhabi’s mind for her. While Nazia confronts Asma and makes false promises to protect her, it is Asma who does not cease to bewilder the audience. Why does she hand her nikkah nama and evidence to Nazia? the woman whose sister is supposed to be wedded to Shehryar. It is sad and infuriating to see such a foolish act at such a crucial time. Like they say ‘KHOONI RISHTY HMESHA HI AZZEZ HOTY HAIN.’



Nazia bhabi’s fabulous expressions and acting skills prove this right. She wants to get rid of Asma and clear the path for Sumbal (Anum Gohar). Asma is sent away to conceal the news of expectancy.  Amidst this news of Shehryar’s (Azfar Rehman) death arrives. Asma is in sheer distraught. The scene is intense with a few good videography techniques (she intentionally breaks her red bangles) the resounding scream that created the effect of the void inside her and the dialogue with Allah in protest is what actually marked the climax of this scene. A more Bollywood-ish style of screen play is adapted as Asma cries, Shehryar supposedly hears every sigh and suddenly comes back to life. Actually, he never died. It was to keep Asma is the dark because Nazia had decided to bail out on her.



She goes and asks her to leave and never come back. It did not take much effort for everyone to guess she would want the child to be secretly aborted as well. How does a woman do that to another woman and that who is expecting? Will poor Asma ever find out Shehryar is alive? Or will love become her only sin?


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